Thick beard, pierced-eyes, deep voice and an incredible stage presence that brings flames to the public. Nicola Cavallaro could be described in just these few words, but the singer and songwriter from the bustling city of Catania has told a different story in each one of his performances. His voice is unique, deep, magnetic and easily able to reach the most intimate notes of music. Rock, blues, and soul are the roots of his music, mixed with continuing research of new sounds supported by an incredible artistic sensibility. Born in 1991, he devoted his life to exploring thrill and adrenaline in all shapes and sizes. He was a paratrooper in the “Folgore” brigade, an experience that brings intensity to his artistic career. The dedication and precision that he puts into studying medicine at the University of Catania, together with his creativity and enthusiasm, brought him to dedicate his life to music. Nicola was initially recognized online for his charisma, amassing millions of views in just a few days. Alicia Keys herself, on the occasion of the anniversary of “Falling”, shared the cover by Nicola Cavallaro on her official website. At the right moment, after Nicola and his band conquered hundreds of stages around Europe, with a bright future in sight, he decided the go on “The Voice France” blind tryouts. There he broke all the records: in just 14 seconds he took the attention of all four judges and the French audience was immediately enchanted by Nicola’s performance, welcoming the singer with standing ovations and voting him to the final round. Nicola pays homage to his fans affection and warmth with an ambitious and polyhedric discographic project, that will bring us in his artistic world where music is love and sharing, and real and strong feelings are the only way to reach freedom. He released his first album “Monster” under Universal Music that reached the top of every French digital platform, including Amazon and iTunes. After “Monster”, Nicola also conquered Italy and has been invited to some of the most popular radio and TV shows like “L’anno che verrà” on Rai1, “Music” on Canale5, Tgcom24, Radio Rai1, Radio 105, All Music Italy, TimMusic and much more.



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